Fan Convention 16.06.2023 Poznan
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Manga and anime zone

The heart of the Manga and Anime Zone is all sorts of fantastic speakers and initiatives that will prepare amazing attractions for you to particiapte in. Here you will find lectures on Far Eastern pop culture with a wide range of topics. Together we will talk not only about manga and anime, but also the world of Virtual Youtubers, Korean pop music or current fandom-related topics.

But but! Here we combine the pleasant with the useful. Literally: we combine fun with interesting facts!
Therefore, during the visit there will be no shortage of topics about culture straight from the Asian countries – Japan, Korea and China. 

You will also take part in many mini-zone activities, such as contests with prizes, talks and topical meetings. You will also play classic Japanese games such as Go, Shogi and Mahjong.

Due to the enormous number and variety of attractions awaiting you, this year you will find a substitute for the Manga and Anime Zone in more than one block.


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Następny post

What is going to be happening this year?

Meet our major guests! – Mili band

zespól Mili

Visiting us straight from Japan will be a band that has primarily become famous for creating music for anime and games.  The best-known song from their repertoire is the openinig to the “Goblin Slayer” series. Their visit to Pyrkon simultaneously marks their first concert in Europe, so give them a warm welcome and don’t miss the show! You can read more about the band Mili at this link.

Luna Haruna to perform at Pyrkon! 

Haruna Luna

Anyone who is a fan of manga and anime has heard the title “Sword Art Online” sooner or later. This year’s Pyrkon will be visited by Luna Haruna, creator of the songs “OVERFLY” and “Startear” for this very series! In addition, you might have heard her songs in the anime “Monogatari” or “Saekano. How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend.”
Don’t miss the opportunity to attend Luna’s concert on the Outdoor Stage.

Virtually, but live – Vtuber Kurune Kokuri at the the Manga and Anime Zone

Kurune Kokuri Gościem Pyrkonu 2023

Kurune is an energetic vtuber who has been very successful in the Japanese virtual scene. As part of Pyrkon, she will host a panel to showcase her vocal skills. But don’t expect a typical concert,  because Kurune has something completely different in store for us!

You can find more guests of the Manga and Anime Zone in the “Guests” tab

The heart of the Manga and Anime Zone! Here is the full list of Chibi Zones at Pyrkon 2023

Think of a place where lovers of Japanese pop culture share their experiences, run fantastic attractions, and create a space. Here there is something for every fan of Asian culture. That’s what the Chibi Zones of Manga and Anime are.

This year the following groups will be preparing some fantastic attractions for you:

  • Szczeciński Klub Azji
  • Confamilia
  • Mlem Crew
  • Animelogia
  • Fantastyczna Karczma
  • J-games
  • Wyspa One PIece
  • NanoKarrin
  • Nami Azarashi
  • Stoisko FotoStudio
  • Japonica Creativa
  • Dalekowschodnie Koło Naukowe UJ
  • cheoncheonhi
  • Ekipa Dźwięcznego Woksela

Want to learn more about Chibi Zones? Details can be found here.

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This is a taste of the fun we had at Pyrkon 2022